Who We Are Wednesday: Deb Schultz

Meet Deb, our GM Assistant Service Manager.  Originally from Janesville, Deb and her husband, Doug, currently reside in Sayner, WI.  Deb and Doug have been married for 22 years and share many hobbies together, including the annual spring turkey hunt, and their beloved muscle cars. 

In the office, Deb fields all the incoming calls for the service department, and answers hundreds of questions from our loyal guests.  She dispatches all the work to our service floor and ensures it’s completed in a timely  manner.  Deb is passionate about our core values and is driven to ensure our guests are treated with respect and taken care of to complete satisfaction.  After working in the automotive industry for various dealerships and brands, she has developed a love and loyalty to the GM brands.

When she’s not taking care of our guests, Deb and husband Doug take their cars on the road and have brought in dozens of awards from various shows, including a Gold Level in the Day Two Concourse Category at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals with her 2010 HTR 600 Camaro.  She’s also brought in an Emerald Award the first time showing her 1983 Hearst Olds LS3.  You’ll next see Deb on the road showing her Olds at the World of Wheels competition at State Fair Park, February 21-23.  Good Luck, Deb!

1st Car: 72 Camaro
Dream Car: 2010 baldwin motion camaro
Fav food: Chimichanga
TV Show: The Bachelor
Place to visit: Copper Falls State Park

Dream Vacation: Hawaii

Here at GM, we have been blessed to have Deb as a part of our team.  We are proud of her work both in and out of the office.  She is an outstanding asset to our team!  Thanks for making GM so great, and for being a part of our family!


Pre-Owned Specialists

Here at Rhinelander Auto Center, we're proud of all we do, and now we've got something else to be proud of!  We're introducing a team of experts who will specialize only in our pre-owned inventory. These specialists have proven their knowledge of not only the inventory, but the individual vehicles as well.  To be part of this team, they had to prove their knowledge of not only the inventory on-hand, but the availability of inventory elsewhere, commitment to guest services, and they must live our values.  This new team allows us the opportunity to better serve our guests.

Here are a few new things we're introducing with our Pre-Owned Team!

If we don't have it, we'll do our best to find it!

Yes, you read that right! If we don't have it on the lot, we will do our best to locate it for you.  We're not making any guarantees.... Sometimes, that 1997 Pontiac Sunfire in Cherry Red just isn't available, but you bet we'll try to find one.  We have over 70 partners throughout the nation with resources we can tap in to and will make every reasonable effort to find your new-to-you vehicle!

We'll deliver your pre-owned vehicle right to your house!

Can't make it here at a convenient time for delivery?  We're happy to take a trip to your place and deliver your vehicle from the comfort of your kitchen table!

Worried about the drive?  We'll buy your gas to shop here!

We truly believe we have the best inventory around, and to prove it, we'll buy your gas to shop here. Yep.  Simple as that.


Welcome To Our Family

Many people don't know just how big our family is here at Rhinelander Auto Center!  Some are shocked to know that we're not just GM and Toyota , but Detail Pro's, OK Used Cars, and our newest venture, AutoGear. The honor we feel to serve our community is insurmountable.

We are launching a new campaign to welcome not only our immediate community, but our surrounding communities into our family.  We see guests from all over the Midwest, and we're proud of it.  We're proud that our family spans across state lines!  Each new guest means another person to experience what it's like to be part of our family.  We believe also in supporting the family that does business with us, that's why we partner with so many organizations to give back.  We have a large sense of pride in what our community has done, and we're excited to be a part of it.

When you do business with Rhinelander Auto Center, you're doing more than helping us keep the lights on, you're providing jobs for over 150 hard working people.  You're providing donations to community organizations such as YMCA Of The Northwoods, Hodag Gridiron Club, Rhinelander Area Food Pantry, Frederick Place, and so many more...

If you're not familiar with the way we do business, we'd love to tell you more about it!  Stop by any of our organizations to find out why Rhinelander Auto Center really is like family!

Oh, and by the way.... Welcome To Our Family!


The Power of Social Media

Social Media has changed the way many people, and businesses, communicate.    In record numbers, more people use social media every day to convey messages, sales, news, and the release of information.  For example, when an earth quake hit Japan, about 1200 "Tweets" (Twitter) were being sent every minute.  People were tweeting about the event before it was felt in other areas of Japan.   The reach social media has on todays world is unmatched in history, and from what the experts are saying, it won't be matched any time soon if it keeps growing in popularity has it has!

We here at Rhinelander Auto Center use our social media pages to promote our sales, spread good news, share pictures, and convey our general message.  One thing we did recently was use social media to spread the word about a $5,000 community giveaway.

When we came up with the idea to do the giveaway, we were unsure of how it would work, or if anyone would even notice.  Initially, we received over 800 votes nominating groups from all across the nation.  We were both honored and stunned that so many people saw.  In fact, over 44,650 saw the post.  That many people seeing ONE post on social media says a lot about how wide-spread things can be.   When we narrowed down our final five and posted them, that post reached 31,920 people.  Those numbers blow our minds.  To see that many people reached really speaks to the power of social media. 

We are thankful for every single person who has been to our page and spread the word of our $5,000 giveaway.  We as a business are honored to be a part of our community, and plan to do this type of giveaway again in the future.  We learned a lot in the process, and have a great platform to use for the future.

We also want to offer a big Congratulations to the kids and staff at Kids In Need, as their self-promotion paid off with their big win!  Congratulations!

 We would also like to say a few things about our other groups:
Redeemer Child Care Center: located in Tomahawk, is seeking donations to open an early childhood department capable of caring for the youngest ones in our society.  If you would like to make a private contribution to their effort, please contact Carole Panzer: rlctr@redeemertomahawk.org or 715-453-4814.  All donations are Tax Deductible.

Tri County Council: Tri County's mission is to promote non-violence as a way of life, and provide care to those in crisis.  Private donations can be made to them by calling (715)-362-6841.  Please consider a donation of any amount, or your time and talents!

Hodag Waterski Shows:  HWS is in dire need of a new building. They provide free entertainment during the summer months to those who attend and provide an outlet for our community youth in the summer.  Send an email to hwsski@hotmail.com to find out how you can help!

Ministry Hospice: Hospice care is never something you want to think about, but for some members of our community, it's a reality.  The nurses and staff at Ministry Hospice provide end-of-life care for members of our community of all ages.  The job they do comforts not only the decedent, but the family members as well.  For information on how you can make a private donation, please contact Randi Danner, 715-356-8805 or Randi.danner@ministryhealth.org .

Donations to each of these organizations are tax-deductible and your contribution will help more than you could ever imagine.  If you are unable to help financially, consider donating your time and talents to an organization, any organization.  If we all give a little, the results will be grand!


Welcome Back, Kris!

The family at Rhinelander Auto Center is excited to welcome Sales Manager, Kris Fiszer back!  As many of you may remember, Kris was a part of our team before and took some time away to spend with his growing family.  Now that Kris is back, he's excited to get into the swing of things at our new Toyota building! 

Kris graduated from Gogebic Community College with a degree in both Accounting and Computer Systems.  Along with working at Toyota previously, Kris also spent time working with the team at Aramark (we're sure they miss him, but we're happy to have him back!). 

Along with working, Kris is an avid golfer, and loves to spend time with his children Tyler (23), Keegan (19), and his littlest lady, Rowan (7).  The Fiszer household is busting at the seems with the newest addition of grandson Asher and proud Mom and wife to Tyler, Emily!  Wife Shelly stays busy with her position as a claims adjuster through Progressive Insurance.  Kris and Shelly are proud to support both sons who are currently serving on Active Duty with the US Navy.  Tyler (E4), who was previously stationed at Camp Pendleton, is currently deployed to an unknown location and Keegan (E3) is currently serving at Balboa Naval Hospital.  Both men are proud to be Navy Corpsmen, and we're proud to support them!

"Coming back to Rhinelander just felt like home.  This is truly where I want to be and what I want to be doing.  I enjoy working for a company with morals and standards, and know that at the end of the day, I'm really helping the lives of our guest in a positive way.  I'm proud to have such a wonderful family to support me, especially my wife, Shelly, who always has our best at heart.  Our family is really excited for this venture and I'm excited to reconnect with guests from years past.  I love what I do, and I'm just happy to be back with my Rhinelander Toyota family."  -Kris Fiszer

From the whole team at Rhinelander Auto Center, welcome back, Kris!


Our Brand Promises: Affordable Financial Solutionsfor Today and Your Future

When you shop with Rhinelander Auto Center, you know you've found a one-stop-shop for all your automotive needs-including financing.  We're proud to say we treat everyone the same, regardless of their credit situation.  We offer affordable solutions to our guests because we know it's important.  We know each situation is different, and that's why we can offer so many programs.  We work with a team of lenders that are able to help those even the most dire credit situations.

Sure, you can always pay cash or use your own financial institution, and we're always happy to assist with those situations, but we always say, let us check with our banks, too... We might be able to get you a rate equal to, or even better than you can with your financial institution. 

Our finance team looks at each situation individually to ensure we're keeping your best interest at heart.  We would never put someone who drives 30,000+ miles a year into a lease without first warning them of the mileage penalty.  We'd also never put someone in a financial situation where they had a payment they couldn't afford.  We do our best to ensure our guests are satisfied because in the end, if we treat you right, we hope you'll come back for your next vehicle.  We take our financing job very seriously, so rest assured we always have your best interest at heart!


Our Brand Promises: Relaxed Shopping Experience

Ask anyone who has been here.  Shopping with Rhinelander Auto Center is like no other around.  You'll never be hassled, never haggled, never harassed.  We believe our guests should be treated exactly like that... guests.  We would never treat our guests any other way.  We know that the only reason we are still in business today is because of the loyal guests who not only shop our stores, but come back year after year for service on their vehicles.   Our guests are why we do what we do, every day.

When guests purchase a vehicle from us in our relaxed environment, they can be sure they're getting a great vehicle that is priced to beat our competition.  We don't mess around when we say we're a best price store, and because we don't, they don't have to either.  When you're here, you're our guest.  If you're here for service (or just to visit) you can enjoy our free Wifi, coffee and cookie bar, and relaxing waiting room.  If you're coming in to purchase we've got relaxed private rooms and a sales staff the lives our promises and will treat every guest, 18 or 80, with respect and dignity, regardless of your financial situation.  Rhinelander Auto Center believes that our community deserves recognition for all they do for us.  Thousands of dollars every month are filtered right back into our community in the form of donations.  We love to support the community that has enabled us to continue to support them.

So stop on over, have a cup of coffee on us, and see what a real relaxed shopping environment is like...